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Read what people have been saying about their central vacuums from Total Home Environment.

Thumbnail of Julia Chamberlain Casestudy Central Vacuum Case Study for Julia Chamberlain in her 5,500sqft newbuild/retrofit home. Please click here to enter pdf document.

David Moore, Essex - 21/09/17

"I'm really pleased to have found your company and ordered my parts from you at a very reasonable price and exceptional service. I placed the order yesterday afternoon and received it this morning at 10 am -  fantastic service, much appreciated and I will definetely use your company next time!" 

Jacqueline Todd, London - 27/04/15

"Great, uber efficient!"

G Migneco, Malta - 13/04/15

"Thanks for your professional service, I have just received the items".

Andrew Garnett - 12/02/15

"We love the system [Electrolux Central Vacuum] and your service, so are always happy for you to give my number out. They can call me on my mobile anytime."

26/09/13 - M Sainsbury, Isle of Man
"I would like to say thank you for an excellent and efficient service, hose arrived yesterday safe and sound... I will be sure to mention your company to any friends/people I hear contemplating an inbuilt system. Ours is probably well over 15 years old and has helped us build our house, taking render, bits of wood etc"

18/06/13 - Andrew Cannon, Edinburgh
"You may remember we bought an Electrolux Central Vacuum off you last year. The system is working BRILLIANTLY!"

18/04/13 - Alan Paice, Co Londonderry
"I ordered built-in vacuum parts (Beam) from Total Home Environment, the parts were despatched very quickly letting me complete the job. Prices were very reasonable and there was very good communication via email, (order confirmation and despatch). I wish other suppliers were as effcient! Living in Norther ireland we are sometimes treated as a foreign country by suppliers when we are only across a small pond!"

17/07/12 - Mr & Mrs Wang, Orpington
"Just say a thank you for providing us with the central vacuum system, which works very well. The system has also attracted the attention of some friends who are interested in the product..."

28/02/2012 - Mr Perera, Middlesex
"Very impressive system designs. If other people we have dealt with, over this building process were half as amenable and half as efficient as you, we would have had such a smooth and quick process."

26/09/2011 - Professor Ian Wells, Surrey
"It is good to be in touch again since our Beam was installed back in 2006 - it just sits there and works and has been much admired..."

26/05/2011 - Vicci Lewis, East Sussex
"Just a quick note to say how good your installer was. He was professional, diligent, tidy and the pipework is exceptionally neat"

10/03/2011 - Patricia O'Brien, Surrey
"I would like to thank you for the engineer who serviced our Genvex system and Electrolux vacuum system. He was polite, very knowledgeble and very helpful. Thank you and congratulations on employing such an excellent engineer"

04/02/2011 - Tabassum Sharif, Edinburgh
"Thank you for a wonderful service and all your help!"

18/08/10 - Andrew Hammond, Oxfordshire
"The parts arrived on Saturday morning - what an excellent service. Many thanks." 

20/04/10 - Peter Naylor, East Yorkshire
"The system has been a success and despite the difficulty of doing a retro fit in a 3-storey Victorian house I would have no hesitation in fitting another one. The difference between this vacuum and the conventional type is huge. Dyson, eat your heart out!"

06/12/09 - Bev Pearson, France
"I am thrilled with my central vac - even with a 15m hose it is the most powerful vac I have ever used. It even takes cat hairs off my sofas!.."

26/04/09 - Phil Trocki, Powys
"Thanks very much for the work involved with supply and installation of our... central vacuum... The experience has proved to be one of the most straightforward and least stressful elements of our new build..."

22/01/09 - Paul Lewis, Nottingham
"We purchased a central vacuum system from you about 5 years ago. We are very happy with the system and will definitely have another when we move, it has been the best thing we have put in the house (according to my wife)..."

24/09/2008 - Sheila Best, Canterbury
"...following the visit of your engineer on Saturday...how grateful I am to you for attending to the problems we have experienced with our ***** central vacuum system.  The customer service we have received since contacting the USA has been second to none.  T.H.E’s prompt attention to our plight has exceeded our expectations and we have not hesitated in telling our many friends and family of the brilliant service we have now received... I would also like to mention that we are hoping to build another house/houses soon... and we will most certainly be seeking to install a T.H.E central vacuum system within that project. So, well done T.H.E, a little customer service goes such a long way and we are most definitely satisfied customers who look forward to dealing with your company again..."

05/04/07 - Mrs Rumford, Northampton
"...how pleased I am with the Air-Driven Brush...as an owner of two dogs, I find the attachment easier, quicker and more efficient than my old one at removing hairs from my carpets. The brush was delivered by post the day following my order. If only all companies were this professional!"

21/02/07 - Mr P Bailey, Blackpool
"...I have had the system many years and have been DELIGHTED with it. If you need anyone to recommend it I will."

19/02/07 - Ms J Bowes, Norfolk
"Thank you for coming out so far, I will probably order a new hose in the near future. Many thanks."

04/01/07 - M Reed, Walton on Thames
"The Beam instruction manual arrived this morning - brilliant service I won't forget! Thank you."

03/11/06 - Dr Peter Honey, Berkshire
"I just wanted to write and congratulate you on the excellent central vac system you have installed here. Colin was amazing - working out how to get pipes from cellar to attic, getting into small places and staying cheerful...a great job. Well done!"

05/11/06 - P Culforth, Wiltshire
"I am very pleased with my new system - not only great power...the main head is efficient. Joe was bionic. I have never seen anyone work as hard and he was great at problem solving."

08/05/06 -  Mrs Julie Veysey, GRAND DESIGNS featured Miami Beach House, Exmouth.
“With a house with wide open spaces, the thought of carting a vacuum cleaner around filled me with horror...we found just what we were looking for, the Central Vacuum cleaner! We were very impressed but just wanted to make sure we were getting the best product on the market. After shopping around we went back to Total Home Environment and bought the system. Both their product and customer service are excellent. As the motor is in the garage, it is virtually noiseless in the house, so not only can I hear the phone ringing , but also talk to people on the phone while still vacuuming. Now I have the chore of vacuuming taken away by this effortless new product and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Every visitor to our home loves it and would like one too!”

18/01/06 - Jo Boddington, Manchester
“…vacuum works like a dream again, thanks for your wonderful customer service…”

01/10/05 - Joan Beacon, Hertfordshire
"...thank you for being so helpful and prompt."

25/04/05 – Mr A Wadham, Romford
“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Total Home Environment Ltd for the prompt and efficient service which I received when I contacted you recently to obtain a replacement motor for my Beam Central Vacuum unit… I received the new motor within a few days. It was packaged well and undamaged. I installed it the same day and am pleased to advise that my Beam Central Vacuum is now back up and running normally.”

13/10/03 – Mr B Sinclair, Hertfordshire
"Whilst writing I would say that I have had the central vacuum system installed for over 20 years and probably over that time the unit has been used 2/3 times per week and I’ve had no trouble whatsoever with it…"

27/12/02 – Mr B Wakerly, Milton Keynes
“I would like to open my letter with a word of thanks for the very prompt action you have taken with my request for a replacement PCB for my vacuum system. I phoned on Friday 20th Dec, you sent it on Monday 23rd Dec and it arrived at 7.30am on Tuesday 24th Dec!”